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Greetings everyone!

I know I haven't been on here for a long time.  I've been pretty busy with school and life in general.  Well, this year is the 400th anniversary of the death of the great William Shakespeare.  To celebrate, I'd like to post this song from the play "Cymbeline".  This is the funeral song.  It's truly beautiful; I just love the text so much.  The singer is Loreena McKennitt.  Enjoy!

Listening to the Bob Dylan classic, "Mr. Tambourine Man".  It was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.  The poetry is absolute perfection.  I also love the song because it's about finding artistic inspiration, which is a wonderful thing.

Well, I've decided to take this time to honour another poet that I love.  She is an fantastic songwriter and performer. She is none other than the amazing Jewel.  Jewel is one of the best songwriters that I've ever had the pleasure to listen to; her imagery and wit in her lyrics is incredible.  Not only can she create powerful and clever poetry, but she also can communicate tenderness, beauty, and heartbreak in a way that hits you right in the heart. That is the mark of a great songwriter.  

In addition, she is also a fantastic performer and vocalist.  Her ability to tell a story with just her voice and guitar is astounding.  That's why I think it is a real pity that more people don't know her.  I think she deserves much more recognition.  So if you see this, give her a listen.

Here are some of my all time favourites by Jewel.  

This tender, heartbreaking song was the inspiration for my little short story "Our own foolish games".  Not only are the lyrics exquisite, but the music and her vocals capture the feelings of emptiness and heartbreak beautifully.  An all around exquisite song.

A lyrical masterpiece.  The poetry in this song is powerful, and it gives me shivers just listening to it.  Not only is the imagery amazing, but the social commentary is deep and memorable.  And I mean, the rhyming is so clever; one such example is "The lambs in their ghettos worshiping their Gepettos".  I mean, how clever is that?  A passionate, powerful song that is one of Jewel's best.  

Sometimes it be that way…
Another great song.  The lyrics are witty and cheeky, with a touch of sarcasm.  I love the allusions and the way she cleverly connects them all to a common theme.  Every time I listen to this, I just love the song more and more.  In addition, I'm just blown away by how well she carries this song with just her voice and guitar.  It gives me goosebumps just to listen to it.  

Who will save your soul…
Of course I had to include this one.  This was her debut single from her very first album, Pieces of You.  Already at sixteen years old, the talent was showing through.  The clever, social commentary of our society is just so deep and meaningful, even though this song came out over ten years ago.  And I just love her performance in this so much; her youthful vocals are just a treat to listen to.  

You were meant for me…
Not only is Jewel gifted at social commentary, but she can also capture everyday experiences, such as the longing for someone.  This heartfelt, sad song always touches me with its simple, but effective storytelling.  And she sings it so tenderly that you really feel for the speaker.  So many artists sing songs about missing someone, but Jewel does it in a way that makes it memorable.  

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland…
Not only is this song heartfelt, but she captures beautifully with her poetry the search for meaning and the longing for truth.  The one thing that the speaker does know is that he is done with fantasy.  My favourite line would be "[The heart] can even turn monsters into angels from above".  This is one of my favourites because I'm still on a journey to find myself, and she captures that journey of self-discovery and enlightenment beautifully.  

There are more, but it would take too long to list them all.  So Jewel, thank you for all the amazing music you've given to the world.  



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Hello everyone.

I enjoy writing, music, and drama, so I'm pretty artistic. It's a peculiar thing, but often, music gives me inspiration for writing. Another great place for inspiration is nature; there's just so much you can do with it.

Music is personal to me; I've played piano for nearly my whole life. I also enjoy flute and singing.

Feel free to check out my writing on my profile anytime when you're in need of something to read. I often read poetry after I curl up in bed. I find that it's the best way to enjoy it.

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